Burwash Common and Weald Residents Association

Text Box: September 2020

The Burwash Common and Weald 2021 calendar is out now and available in two sizes:  a large A3 size (approx. 16 x 12 inches) priced at £9; and a slimline version (approx. 16 x 6 inches) at £8.  Both calendars depict a series of local views and, as a change from the norm, have been turned into ‘watercolours’ by the miracles of Photoshop.
Those BCWRA members (and others) who have already pre-ordered copies need do no more.  Laurence Worton will contact you to arrange delivery over the next week or so.  If you wish to buy one or more calendars – they will make unusual Christmas presents – please contact Laurence on 01435 884331 or e-mail him on hlworton@btinternet.com.  The print run is limited so do not delay.  All proceeds from the sales will go to local charities and good causes via the BCWRA.
As you know from my piece in this magazine last month, we took the decision to cancel the open meeting which was due to take place on 16 September.  It now seems likely that we will have to cancel the following open meeting, which is our Xmas social currently due to take place on 2 December.  It seems that the Pavilion is unlikely to be able to host meetings until the New Year.  A firm decision will be taken in due course.  In the meantime, we will try to keep people updated on key issues through these monthly articles in the parish magazine and through update e-mails for BCWRA members.
Thank you to all those who responded to my call last month for volunteers to help with the management of Down Meadow.  Having previously asked for volunteers, the parish council is now saying that, apart from the annual cut by their contractor in September, no work can be done on Down Meadow until such time as the dispute between the council and one of the residents whose property borders Down Meadow is resolved.  BCWRA members remain committed to the development of Down Meadow as a nature reserve and this requires active management of the land in line with the management plan that the council itself commissioned and approved.  The BCWRA will therefore continue to press the parish council for faster progress on this matter.  In the meantime, I will pass on the names and contact details of the people who have already volunteered.  If you would like to add your name to the list, please let me know.

The recommendations from the traffic survey carried out in Burwash Common and Weald in 2019 have now been enshrined in a feasibility study proposal to East Sussex County Council (ESCC) Highways.  The parish council has approved the proposal and has agreed to fund the cost of the feasibility study.  The feasibility study proposal will now go forward to ESCC Highways for their consideration.
Also, on roads-related matters, BCWRA members have compiled a report detailing the poor state of a lot of the rural roads in our local area.  The report covers poor quality roadworks, blocked drains and gullies, overgrown trees and hedges, obstructed road signs and dumped signage and other paraphernalia used in road works.  The report will be submitted jointly by the BCWRA and the parish council to the ESCC Place Scrutiny Committee which is the body responsible for oversight of the present highway maintenance contract.  The report asks questions about the operation of the contract and makes what we hope are some constructive proposals for improvement.  The report is available to BCWRA members:  if you would like to have a copy, please contact me.

The parish council has provided some important information about parking in Burwash village as a consequence of the introduction of civil parking enforcement (CPE) throughout the Rother district. The following rules apply from 1 July.  In the car park adjacent to ‘The Bear’, 40 parking spaces will be limited to 2 hours in any period of 4 hours between 08:00 and 18:00 on Mondays to Saturdays.  There is no limit on Sundays.  These spaces will be indicated with signs or surface markings but (at the time of writing) these are not yet in place.  Of the remaining spaces, parking will be limited to 9 hours between 06:00 and 19:00.  You can leave the car park and return after one hour.  At all other times there is no limit.  In the small car park at the top of Shrub Lane (‘The Square’) parking is limited to 23 hours in any one day.

Finally, this month the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) reaches another milestone.  The NP is an important blueprint for the development of the parish over the next few years and, as such, covers a lot of ground.  Regular readers, however, will recall that a key feature of the NP is the approach to developing new housing within the parish to meet the target set by Rother District Council of 52 new homes by 2028.  After careful and prolonged consideration, the parish council decided that it would not designate specific sites for new homes, despite substantial pressure from Rother DC to do so.  There is now an opportunity for residents to comment on the latest version of the NP which is at https://www.rother.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/planning-policy/neighbourhood-plans/burwash-neighbourhood-plan/ and consider for themselves the arguments in favour of the parish council’s position in respect of new housing, as well as making comments on any other aspect of the NP.   The consultation period ends on 6 November.  

Membership of the BCWRA is open to all who live in Burwash Common or Burwash Weald.  The BCWRA is working for our local community and to improve the local environment.   Membership matters, and the more members we have, the better we can reflect local views and the more influence we will have with the various local authorities that affect our lives.  If you are not yet a member, please consider joining.  If you are not a member because you think we are getting things wrong, then join and have your say.  The cost remains at £5 per household per year.  Membership does NOT oblige you to participate actively in any of the work undertaken by the BCWRA if you do not wish to (although volunteers are always welcomed, of course)!  If you would like to join please contact me, Lindsay Green - Secretary (07775 862846), Jackie Bird – Chair (01435 883660) or Peter Toll – Treasurer (01435 883433) with your name, e-mail address and contact telephone number and we will arrange for you to be sent electronically our standing order mandate form which includes our account details.
If you have any items of local interest that you would like us to post, please let any member of the committee know – their names and contact details are on the web site.  If you wish to e-mail us about any matter, then please note that our e-mail address is bcwra2017@gmail.com. 

Keep well and stay safe in these continuing difficult times.