Burwash Common and Weald Residents Association

Text Box: November 2019
We had an entertaining Las Vegas Night on 12 October.  The weather was awful, so numbers were down but we still made a small profit, so a huge thank you to all those who turned out in the pouring rain and helped to make it a fun-filled evening.

I mentioned last month that British Telecom were trying for a second time to close the public call box at ‘The Wheel’.  We have objected again, along with Rother District Council, and I am pleased to say that we have now heard from BT that this call box is safe – for now.  There is every likelihood that BT will continue intermittently to look to close this call box.  It is equally certain that the BCWRA will resist such attempts at least until such time as the mobile phone service in Burwash Weald is substantially improved.  We have asked Rother DC to take this point on board should they get further approaches from BT.

We are still waiting for the Royal Mail Group to replace the stolen post box in the lay-by on the Stonegate road.  They have now been asked for an update on progress as we are expecting this work to be completed before Christmas.

Repairs to the A265 have now been going on for the best part of a month and we are beginning to see results.  Those of us who live on the north side of Vicarage Road have endured some overnight noise and late-night flashing amber lights on the bedroom ceiling from various bits of machinery being used by the contractors.  That phase now seems to be over.   Once the contractors have finished the main road in Burwash Common they will move down into Burwash Weald to carry out drainage works on the A265 down towards the junction with Willingford Lane.  This work will not be completed until the back end of November.

At our last open meeting in September we had a very interesting talk from Southern Water.  The company deals with 23,000 waste pipe blockages every year.  The majority of these are caused by wet wipes and fats flushed down toilets and sinks.  Wet wipes are generally not biodegradable and most of them contain significant quantities of plastic which contaminate water courses and eventually add to the plastic pollution of our seas – they should be disposed of in rubbish bins and not in the toilet.  Similarly, waste fat from cooking should not be poured down the sink, even with copious quantities of hot water.  Once the fat hits cold pipes, it congeals and causes blockages.  Waste cooking fat should also go into household waste bins.  Anyone interested can find more information at www.southernwater.co.uk/the-unflushables.

Membership of the RA is open to all who live in either Burwash Common or Burwash Weald.  It costs a very modest £5 per household per year and you can pay by cash, cheque, standing order or e-banking.  Subscriptions are used to take forward projects which benefit our local community and to support local charities nominated by members.  It is NOT necessary to participate actively in any of the work undertaken by the RA (although volunteers are always welcomed of course)!  If you are not yet a member and would like to join the nearly 90 households that are, please contact me, Lindsay Green – Secretary (07775 862846), Jackie Bird – Chair (01435 883660) or Peter Toll – Treasurer (01435 883433).  Any of us will happily relieve you of a fiver!

We hold four open meetings a year.  These are open to all residents of Burwash Common and Burwash Weald.  The next meeting takes place on Wednesday, 18 December 2019 at the Pavilion, Burwash Common, starting at 7:30 pm.  This is our Christmas Social so, if you have any issues or gripes or suggestions that you want to air, come and join us and grab a free mince pie and glass of mulled wine while you are at it.

If you have any items of local interest that you would like us to post, please let any member of the committee know – their names and contact details are on the web site.  If you wish to e-mail us about any matter, then please note that our e-mail address is bcwra2017@gmail.com.