Burwash Common and Weald Residents Association

Text Box: February 2021
A year or so ago we had a bit of trouble when a large branch fell off one of the tall pine trees on the triangle at the junction of Vicarage Road and Lane.  This caused concern that the trees themselves might be in a dangerous state but, fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you feel about pine needles blocking your gutters!), a professional check gave them a clean bill of health.  The parish council has now kindly arranged for these trees to be inspected every two years, and the next check will take place during 2021.
The Burwash Neighbourhood Plan continues to make steady, if slow, progress with the appointment of a government examiner to review the Plan thought to be imminent. 
Plans are being drawn up for the speed surveys in Vicarage Road, Vicarage Lane and Swing Gate Hill which are a necessary precursor to formal consideration of reduced speed limits in these roads.
For the past two years the parish council has been in negotiation with Rother District Council about the terms on which the responsibility for the two car parks in Burwash village can be transferred to the parish council.  On the assumption that this transfer goes ahead, a small working party is being set up to consider how the car parks should be managed.  The BCWRA will be represented on this group so, if you have any thoughts about this, we will be pleased to hear them.
By the time you read this the parish council’s planning committee will have considered the planning application for the development of the former Ashwood Nursing Home site.  The final decision will be taken by Rother DC’s planning committee.  At the time of writing this article, I am not sure when this latter meeting will take place and, by the time you read this, it may be too late for further comments.  Outline proposals were discussed with the developer at a BCWRA open meeting a year or so ago and there was agreement in principle that the site would benefit from a suitable housing scheme.  Since that meeting, detailed plans have been submitted after local consultation.  Looking at the comments that have been submitted it appears that there are local concerns about:  the density of housing on the site; the level of car parking provision; and the proximity of the access point to the junction with the A265.  The BCWRA will continue to monitor the progress of these proposals.
Membership of the BCWRA is open to all who live in Burwash Common or Burwash Weald.  The BCWRA is working for our local community and to improve the local environment.   Membership matters, and the more members we have, the better we can reflect local views and the more influence we will have with the various local authorities that affect our lives.  If you are not yet a member, please consider joining.  The cost remains at £5 per household per year.  Membership does NOT oblige you to participate actively in any of the work undertaken by the BCWRA if you do not wish to (although volunteers are always welcomed, of course)!  If you would like to join please contact me, Lindsay Green - Secretary (07775 862846), Jackie Bird – Chair (01435 883660) or Peter Toll – Treasurer (01435 883433) with your name, e-mail address and contact telephone number and we will arrange for you to be sent electronically our standing order mandate form which includes our account details.
If you have any items of local interest that you would like us to post, please let any member of the committee know – their names and contact details are on the web site.  If you wish to e-mail us about any matter, then please note that our e-mail address is bcwra2017@gmail.com.