Burwash Common and Weald Residents Association

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September 2022

I went for a walk down the whole length of Vicarage Lane the other day.  The purpose was to have a look at the extensive drainage works which were then in progress by contractors working for East Sussex Highways (ESH).  The southern part of Vicarage Lane (from Luck Farm onwards) has been problematic for some time.  It was cheaply surface-dressed a few years ago when the rest of Vicarage Road and Vicarage Lane was more substantially resurfaced and has eroded since – unsurprisingly.  When it rains (remember that?) water runs down the road for most of its length which has contributed to the erosion.  Now, though, ESH has done a lot of work to put in culverts and dig out gullies to channel the water off the road.  If it works, it should be a big improvement.
We have had a bit of a setback on the implementation of the 20-mph speed limit for Vicarage Road and Vicarage Lane.  Having previously delivered a project plan which indicated implementation by the end of October, ESH has moved the goalposts so that the new speed limit will not now be in place until next February – somewhat staggering when you think that the actual work involves changing just nine speed limit signs.  There is a combination of reasons for the delay, some unavoidable, some not, which I won’t go into but, suffice to say, we will be working to try to ensure that from now on everybody concerned keeps their eye on this particular ball so that the timetable is not jeopardised further.
As I have noted in the past, the BCWRA is supporting the parish council’s aim of turning Down Meadow into a properly functioning nature reserve which hopefully will help make it more interesting and accessible for residents.  A group of about eight volunteers spent quite a hot afternoon demolishing bracken on Down Meadow at the end of July.  The three lads who came to help had quite a novel way of doing it with the two older boys chucking their young brother into the bracken – see photo.  It turned out to be a very effective way of doing the job.  Well done lads, and thanks for your help.  The bracken really needs to be cleared earlier in the year, before it is fully grown.  We will be working with the parish council to set out a timelier workplan for 2023, and we need more volunteers.  Let me (or the parish council) know if you would like to be involved with this.

Membership of the BCWRA is open to all who live in Burwash Common or Burwash Weald.  The BCWRA is working for our local community and to improve the local environment.   The cost remains at £5 per household per year.  If you would like to join, please contact me, Lindsay Green - Secretary (07775 862846), Jackie Bird – Chair (01435 883660) or Peter Toll – Treasurer (01435 883433) with your name, e-mail address and contact telephone number and we will arrange for you to receive an information pack which includes a short membership application form and a standing order mandate form for the payment of subscriptions.
If you have any items of local interest that you would like us to post, please let me or any other member of the committee know – their names and contact details are on the web site.  If you wish to e-mail us about any matter, then please note that our e-mail address is bcwra2017@gmail.com.