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High Street Burwash

East Sussex TN19 7EY

Tel: 01435 882485

Hair Salon * Beauty Salon * Podiatrist

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High Street


01435 863527


Fresh Meats & Poultry plus Burgers Home cooked  Pies , Quiches and  Sausage Rolls etc

Text Box:  Burwash and District Housing Association – 60 years and counting
Do you know about the Burwash and District Housing Association?  
It is one of those village ‘secrets’ of which we should all be very proud. 60 years ago it was set up and funded solely by Burrishers for Burrishers – specifically to provide homes for the over 60s at an affordable rent in Burwash and Burwash Common. !0 of our homes are in Vicarage Road.
As the secretary for the committee, I’m proud to say that the Association is going strong with healthy finances to ensure we can continue for many years to come. You can read about our history on the Burwash Village website.  https://burwashparish.org.uk/community__trashed/housing-grants-funding/burwash-district-housing-association However there is one area which is shrinking – shareholders or should I say supporters, as our ‘shares’  do not in the comventional sense entitle you to a share of profits since we are a not-for-profit organisation! We need residents as stakeholders in a neighbourhood asset with deep roots in the community. As a Burwash organisation we report to the village and to do that we need villagers to ‘sign up’. When the Association was set up lots of villagers were ‘shareholders’ but now, with anno domini, the number is shrinking. This is therefore a plea to ask our younger/newer Burwash residents to become new supporters to ensure that we are accountable to you all. And don’t worry we have a steady committee so this is not a recruitment drive! To become a share-holder you sign up with a one off payment of £1. You are then issued with the accounts annually and a report on the year (this can be via email) and invited to the AGM every March.  It is not obligatory to attend but it is an opportunity to question the committee
So if you are interested please contact me. We just want to ensure that the BDHA continues to be overseen by local people.